What We Do

MEDA is the City of Maricopa’s business and economic development partner – the ‘go to’ organization for expanding and relocating companies. We work directly with firms to assist them in evaluating location options in Maricopa in a highly professional and confidential manner.

We connect your company directly to the decision-makers and services that will ensure your new or expanding location in Maricopa is a total success, whether that is government, education and training institutions, supply chain vendors or the full range of services and programs available to you in our city, region and state.

MEDA’s full range of services assists companies, site selection consultants, and corporate real estate executives achieve a deeper understanding of the City of Maricopa and the Maricopa-Pinal County region, and why Maricopa is ideal for business success.

Among the ways in which we assist newly locating and expanding business and industry:

• Serve as your advocate and go-to resource in every aspect of your expansion or new location
• Provide local and regional socio-economic data
• Identify sites and buildings
• Garner local, county and state capabilities and incentives for qualified firms
• Coordinate with local, county and state economic development entities
• Host corporate and consultant visits to the city
• Assist employees and families moving to the City of Maricopa